Title 1

Denise Hershberger
Reading Specialist

Pam Larson 
Reading Specialist

Melissa Pavlovich
Reading Specialist

Title I is a program that is funded by the federal government. It ensures that our students “have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments” (U.S. Department of Education, 2014).

Currently, Chartiers Valley Intermediate School provides Title I Reading Services.  Students in third through fifth grade are provided Title I Reading Services. 

Eligible students work with the Title I Reading Specialist Teachers to improve reading.  Reading focus areas include: word attack, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. 

Identification and Student Progress

The Reading Specialists identify students for support based upon screening assessments through Acadiance Learning (formerly DIBELS).  Screening occurs up to three times a year for all students.  The first assessment is given in the fall and then the winter and finally in the spring.  At this level, students are screened in comprehension (DAZE), oral reading fluency (ORF), and in accuracy.  

Students who score below or well below benchmarks are progress monitored.  Depending on the level of the student, progress monitoring occurs between once a month and once every other week.  Progress monitoring is also completed using the Acadiance Learning programming.  

Parents are encouraged to support the programming provided during MTSS reading by promoting fluency.  Teachers send home passages along with a chart to graph student progress.  Parents are provided with instructions and students have been taught how to complete these tasks.  Upon completion, students return the work to school and the specialists monitor student progress.  Some passages have comprehension activities to engage parents and families.  Parents and families can also work on Lexia learning with their children, also.  Lexia can be accessed by clicking here

Please click here for the state standards that guide the district's curriculum and interventions.

Parent and Family Engagement

Parent and family engagement is a key component of a student’s education.  To assist in this, various parent and family engagement activities will occur throughout the year.  Parent and family engagement opportunities are held in conjunction with Federal Programs.  More information about Parent and Family Engagement can be found in School Board Policy 918 on our disrict’s website or by clicking here.

Title I Parent and Family Engagement

Section 1116 of ESSA requires LEAs to provide opportunities for parents and family members to be partners and decision-makers in various aspects of the Title I program. An LEA may receive funds under Title I only if:

• The LEA conducts outreach to all parents and family members;
• The LEA implements programs, activities, and procedures for the engagement of parents and family members; and
• The LEA planned and implemented the Title I program with expectations and objectives for meaningful parent and family engagement.