Option 2: Fully Remote (CV Cyber)

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IMPORTANT: The CV Cyber Academy application is now closed to allow for planning.  Enrollment requests and changes should be directed to your child's building principal and may to take up to two weeks to process. 

District Communication The following links have been sent to families with students enrolled in CV Cyber Academy. 

August 6, 2020 - Message to Parents from CV Cyber Academy 
August 29, 2020 - Message to Parents from CV Cyber Academy
Virtual Classroom Meeting Guidelines

General InformationThe CVSD Reopening and Planning Taskforce continues to monitor developments surrounding the COVID-19 situation.  We remain committed to offering students the opportunity to safely return to school full-time in person this fall, as advocated by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  At this point, we plan to offer a traditional, in-person learning environment, with extensive health and safety provisions in place.  However, health and safety requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education/Department of Health and the Allegheny County Health Department may prevent CVSD from making a full-time in-person return in August.

While we know that most children learn best in-person, we recognize that families have unique needs and challenges that make returning to school difficult and, in some cases, impossible. CV Cyber Academy's online program will be a full instructional program and will offer far more than the condensed emergency program provided in the spring. We are committed to educational excellence for ALL students – including those learning remotely.

The Reopening and Planning Taskforce Instruction Committee, comprised of teachers from every building and department, administrators, and nursing staff, reviewed research on virtual learning and best practices, survey data from teachers, parents, and students, and shared experiences and concerns from the various departments in the district.  

Dr. Misty Slavic, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Assessment has prepared this overview video which includes sample virtual classrooms in both Google Classroom (K-8) and Schoology (9-12). 

What to ExpectThe Instructional Committee has developed a standardized set of guidelines, clear expectations and a consistent foundation for CV Cyber Academy parents, students, and teachers throughout the District, which include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Instruction will be delivered by Chartiers Valley teachers using the Chartiers Valley curriculum. To be clear, we will not be purchasing online curriculum or instructors from a third-party vendor.
  • Teachers will be provided with clear guidelines and expectations for online learning, grading, and record keeping, as well as professional development regarding best practices for online learning.
  • Remote learning experiences will be designed in coordination with our in-person instruction. This will enable in-person students to access remote learning opportunities on a short-term basis throughout the year should a child be temporarily unable to attend school due to illness or quarantine.
  • Students will experience a balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning in order to provide flexibility as well as intentional opportunities to stay connected with their teachers and CV peers and friends. (Synchronous learning is learning that happens in real time via Google Meet; asynchronous learning is the idea that students learn the same material at different times and locations.)
  • Teachers will offer regular tutoring sessions and office hours, and various other staff will be available to provide support when needed, per established expectations.
  • Students in grades K-8 will utilize Google Classroom; students in grades 9-12 will utilize Schoology.
  • Through grant funding, the District is able to provide technology devices to all students, K-12, making CVSD a 1-to-1 school district.  CV Cyber Academy curriculum can be accessed from any device!
  • The District will provide parents, guardians, and caregivers with additional training on the technology utilized to provide instruction in an online environment. (Dates and times TBD.)
  • Students enrolled in CV Cyber Academy are eligible to participate in CVSD athletics and extracurricular activities, to the extent outlined in the Athletics and Activities Return to Play Plan.
  • Students enrolled in CV Cyber Academy are able to pursue programs through Parkway West Career and Technical Center as well. 

Parent/Guardian/Caregiver ExpectationsFamilies should be prepared to support their children’s active participation in all online learning activities by doing the following: 

  • Establish routines and expectations
  • Identify a space in the home where the student(s) can learn comfortably
  • Monitor communication from teachers
  • Begin and end each day with a check-in; be mindful of stress or worry
  • Encourage physical activity and exercise.
  • Support digital citizenship skills
  • Take an active role in helping your child process his/her learning
  • Establish times for quiet and reflection
  • Monitor how much time your child is spending online
  • Keep your child social, but set rules around their social media interactions

Clear and specific roles and responsibilities of school faculty and staff, caregivers, and students can be found here:  CVSD Cyber Academy Overview for Parents and Caregivers

Application for EnrollmentShould you wish to enroll your student(s) in CV Cyber Academy, we respectfully ask that you complete the application linked below before August 1, 2020 to allow the District time for adequate planning 

Also, we request that families remain with to their choice at least through the start of the school year, unless there is a significant change in health or circumstance.  That said, the set-up is such that your student can easily transition from cyber to in-classroom learning. They will have the same teacher(s) for the entire year, regardless of whether they are learning in person or online. 

We just ask that if you apply now, that you at least remain committed for the start of the school year. This is so that we can plan and place students accordingly. For instance, we wouldn’t want one 3rd grade teacher to have 15 cyber students in their class while another has 1 or 2. 

Families choosing in-person instruction do not need to complete the form; students who do not complete the form will be automatically enrolled for in-person learning.

The CV Cyber Academy application is now closed to allow for planning.  Enrollment requests and changes should be directed to your child's building principal.

CV Cyber academy application