Mental Health

Chartiers Valley School District and Familylinks are pleased to offer on-site, school-based counseling in all CV schools!

 This service is designed to promote:

  • Individual well-being
  • Academic success
  • Improvement in peer relationships
  • Improvement in family relationships

Families may consider counseling for their youth to address:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Difficulty with peer and/or family relationships
  • Attendance issues
  • Academic issues
  • Difficulty managing feelings—if the youth does not seem like him/herself (appears sad, angry, withdrawn, etc.)
  • Anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns


Benefits for Families

  • Convenient location—services will occur at your child’s school
  • Convenient time—all sessions occur within the school day
  • School shares concerns and problems to be addressed, as needed
  • Parents are able to partner with the school and Familylinks to help their youth to achieve goals.
  • Confidentiality will be strictly protected. Information shared with the school personnel requires written permission from the client/parent.
  • Cost of the session is billed to insurance and/or established via a sliding scale. If the youth’s insurance is not reimbursable to Familylinks, the family will be referred to an appropriate provider approved by their insurance carrier.


Steps to Counseling

1. The school counselor, principal, or teacher may suggest counseling. A parent or student may request services themselves by contacting Familylinks or the school counselor/social worker.  Parents/students can submit a referral for school-based therapy by completing this form and emailing it to or faxing it to 412-924-0259.
2. Counseling services can only be initiated with written parental permission (or at the request of the student if over the age of 14).
3. Familylinks will call the parent and obtain additional information, such as the youth’s brief history and insurance information.
4. Familylinks will schedule an appointment to occur at the school with the parent/guardian in attendance.
5. Counseling proceeds with student and includes the parent/guardian.
6. Closure of counseling occurs when agreed upon goals have been accomplished. The family attends a final session and appropriate  referrals are made, if necessary.



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