Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership

assistant superintendent scott seltzer

Mr. Scott Seltzer
Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership

Sharon Drudy
Human Resources Secretary

Department of Human Resources

Mr. Scott Seltzer has served the Chartiers Valley School District for twelve years as both Assistant Superintendent and Interim Superintendent.  

After 13 years as a social studies teacher in the Mohawk School District, Mr. Seltzer began his administrative career at Frew Mill School, an institute for adjudicated youth in Lawrence County. Mr. Seltzer has also been an assistant principal and principal at the middle and high school levels and is a proponent of the “Discipline with Dignity” model of student discipline.

Mr. Seltzer completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Westminster College.  He went on to earn a Principal’s Certification and Master's Degree in Guidance with a 4.0 grade point average.

Mr. Seltzer is the Assistant Superintendent of School Leadership, directing the Department of Human Resources and all matters of personnel.  

Mr. Seltzer earned a satisfactory performance rating from the School Board of Directors in August 2019.