District FAQs

Updated March 17, 2020

  1. How long will schools be closed?
    At this point, the Governor-mandated closure will run through March 29, 2020.  The tentative plan is to re-open on March 30, 2020.

  2. What are the academic expectations for students during the mandated school closure?
    -Students are not to be on District property during the closure.
    -Students are not required to complete assignments during the closure.
    -Students may choose to take advantage of the educational resources (and we encourage them to do so) provided by their teachers/grade levels to reinforce previously learned concepts, and/or when applicable, prepare for national exams related to their coursework, such as Advanced Placement preparation. 
    Click here for Educational Resources.

  3. How will the school closure affect the end of the third 9-weeks (March 19, 2020)? 
    Third 9-week grades will be postponed as students may have assignments that have not been finished, and course work has been halted.   

  4. Will the closure affect the required 180 day educational requirement? 
    Districts have been told this closure will not impact the 180-day count, nor will seniors/graduation be impacted.

  5. Will state assessments, national exams, and finals be affected by the closure?
    We appreciate your and your students’ dedication to their studies.  Please know that our main focus at this time is the health and well-being of our students, staff, and community.  We will continue to reassess this topic as the situation continues. 

  6. Will meals continue to be provided to students during closure?
    Families with students who qualify under the Free and Reduced Meals plan have been contacted directly regarding grab-and-go meal service during the extended school closure. Parents/guardians should click here for more information and to indicate whether or not you wish to participate.  Parents/guardians may pick up meals for students.  Students do not need to be present to receive their breakfast and lunch bags.  If you are struggling to with food needs during this closure and did not receive Free and Reduced Meals correspondence, please contact District Offices. 

  7. Will buildings and athletic facilities be accessible during the closure?
    All buildings and facilities, including tracks and fields will be closed and off-limits during the mandated closure.

  8. Will spring events be canceled or postponed/rescheduled?
    Unfortunately during the mandated closure, we are required to postpone all District events. PIAA and WPIAL are also following this closure and have suspended all athletic events.  While we are hopeful  that after March 29th, the remainder of the school year and activities will remain on track, we do not know what the future will bring.  As we receive guidance from the Governor's office and Department of Education, we promise make decisions in the best interest of safety, while causing the least amount of disruption to the District calendar. 

  9. How can we keep our electronic devices clean and sanitized?
    Here is come guidance provided by our technology department:

    Android phone:


Should you have any additional questions that have not been addressed, please contact your building administrators or publicrelations@cvsd.net.