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Community Partnership Opportunities

Mikaela Duckstein
Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships


Partnerships provide the ability to promote your business or organization through strategic marketing and advertising channels, while investing in the education and future of our children. Furthermore, partnerships ensure the continuation of quality academic programs, valued arts and STEM endeavors, athletic activities, and facilities. 

The generosity of alumni, parents and friends helps make Chartiers Valley School District one of the region’s leading Districts. Whether you choose to invest in people, programs or facilities, your partnership advances the District’s mission.

Thank you for supporting the students and mission of Chartiers Valley School District. By giving to CV, you are inspiring others to invest not just in the lives of our students, but also in the prosperity of our region as a whole. Your support through the Community Partnership Impact Program helps to provide quality experiences for over 3500 students annually.  

For more information, please review the brochure below.

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