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Mr. Marc Hubert
CV Cyber Academy Principal


The Chartiers Valley Cyber Academy offers students both fully-remote and blended (a mix of in-person and remote) learning options, allowing families to customize a flexible schedule that works best for their student.

Students can take advantage of the District’s abundant resources, field trips, events, and co-curriculars, some of which are not always available to students attending outside cyber schools. Graduates earn a Chartiers Valley High School diploma and are prepared to pursue a myriad of post-secondary opportunities as alumni.

The CV Cyber Academy:

  • Utilizes online learning to build a strong foundation in all academic areas
  • Fosters 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, collaboration, and problem-solving
  • Provides scheduling flexibility
  • Allows students to move at their own pace
  • Increases parental involvement through a virtual presence
  • Engages students in learning through innovative technology tools
  • Prepares students for higher education and careers
  • Teaches graduates to become problem solvers and leaders in their communities

For more information, contact Marc Hubert, at mhubert@cvsd.net or 412-429-3710.  

Enroll Now! 

**Enrollment is currently closed for the second semester of the 2022-2023 School Year. **