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CV7: Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the Chartiers Valley School District, a community dedicated to shared leadership, is to graduate students who achieve personal success by providing an exceptional academic foundation in a safe, nurturing environment that inspires creativity and innovation while embracing diversity. 


The Chartiers Valley School District Vision is to inspire excellence in instruction, learning and innovation to prepare our students to achieve personal success.

logo for the seven core values of the chartiers valley school district


  1. Demonstrate genuine care, concern and fondness for students.
  2. Adopt an education-centered focus where students come first, followed closely by the needs of their parents.
  3. Develop and nurture healthy, productive and cooperative relationships with colleagues.
  4. Communicate regularly and clearly with students, their families and the community.
  5. Create and cultivate a district-wide Learning Community where all employees and educators are valued.
  6. Encourage innovation and creativity.  
  7. Embrace community, regional and global partnerships.