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COVID-19 Dashboard


The tracker below contains information about COVID-19 cases at the Chartiers Valley School District.  Active cases added to the dashboard will appear with the date the individual(s) tested positive, not necessarily the date the district has been notified of the positive case.  

This tracker is for informational purposes only. Under current state and local guidelines, there is no circumstance that would require a school or building closure due to COVID-19. As such, COVID-19 updates via email or social media are no longer necessary. Please refer to the tracker below at any time.

The dashboard is based on Allegheny County Health Department isolation and quarantine guidelines for positive cases.  Most cases require a 10-day isolation; however, some cases may be permitted to return to school sooner, based upon this model.  The ACHD has worked to develop this very useful app that assists in determining whether or not one should quarantine and for how long.

Please remember that you may see a downward shift in case counts due to the recent changes in Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) isolation/quarantine guidelines. According to these guidelines, a person who is vaccinated and asymptomatic may return to school/work after 5 days, and the active positive case then becomes inactive on the dashboard. 

The dashboard is comprised of the following categories:

Total Confirmed Cases -  Cases in this section are individuals (CVSD  students or staff) who are confirmed positive for COVID-19.   Some or all of the active cases in this section may be individuals who have not been present in school buildings during their period of contagion.

Breakdown by School Building -  Cases in this section are individuals (CVSD students or staff) who are presumed to have been in school during their period of contagion.  The active cases here are the only counts used to determine what additional mitigation efforts may be enacted at a particular building.

Outside of School Buildings - Cases in this section are individuals that are presumed not to have been in school during their period of contagion and are not included in additional building mitigation calculations. (Example: CV Cyber student or hybrid student who has not been present in school for several days prior to the onset of symptoms).  In the event of a building closure, positive cases listed under that building will move to the “Outside of School Buildings” count and the building case-count for that building will reset.