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How much are CV teachers paid?
In the 2021-22 school year, the average salary of a CVSD teacher was $93,457, plus the value of their benefits. That year, 143 of the District’s 247 teachers were earning at least $112,712 in wages. That means nearly 58% of our teachers are at the very top step of income earnings - which is considered step 18. If you include health insurance benefits, the average CV teacher's salary is $130,090. 

A teacher with a Master’s degree at Step 18 (the top step) earns $116,057 in salary. If other benefits are included, e.g. family medical benefits, which entails medical, dental, and vision, insurance, as well as life insurance, disability insurance, and a defined pension benefit, the total compensation package paid by CVSD is $163,047. Teachers do not contribute to their dental or vision insurance; dental and vision insurance premiums are paid 100% by the District. Click here to see the salary scale. 

Are CV teachers being asked to take a reduction in pay?
No. CVSD teachers are not being asked to take a pay cut. The District maintains that its teachers are excellent in their craft and deserve the great pay and benefits they already receive. However, healthcare costs are continuing to rise. For the 2023-2024 school year, CVSD is going to have to pay up to 18% more in healthcare premiums. Because of the considerable increase in costs, the Board is recommending teachers contribute more than the current 1.25% (for individual medical coverage) or 1.75% (for all others) of their salary to help offset the rising healthcare costs.  Teachers have the option to get healthcare insurance elsewhere, such as through a spouse’s employer, or in the open marketplace – where discounts are currently given to individuals under certain income levels. If a teacher chooses to opt-out of the District’s healthcare benefit program, they are compensated an additional $300 per month.  

What is happening as a result of increasing healthcare insurance costs?
In 2021-22, a teacher’s share of healthcare premiums was 1.25% of their salary for individual coverage and 1.75% of their salary for all other plans including a family plan. For example, a teacher with a Master’s degree at Step 18 who selected family coverage earned $116,057  and thus paid $2,031 for their family healthcare insurance. The cost to the District for this teacher’s healthcare insurance was $18,705.

A teacher with a Bachelor's degree on step six and selected individual coverage earned $53,617 and thus paid $670 annually for their individual healthcare. The cost to the District for this insurance was $6,671.

In 2022-23, all healthcare premiums increased by 8%. Furthermore, the projected increase of up to 18% with premiums ranging from $20,736 to $26,427, an increase of $1.4 million to the District's 2023-2024 budget. 

What happens if the teachers go on strike?
The district is provided 48 hours' notice if a strike is going to occur. Once that happens, the district will notify the families/students like a weather notification (call, text, email.) The strike may be a day-to-day occurrence. Students will not be provided education in person or virtually during this time. Days during the strike will need to be made up for the district to meet its state hourly and daily requirement.  

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