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Construction Manager
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Mark Zidek
Director of Facilities 


Nothing new that is really importatnt comes without collaboration.

-IKM Architects

Monthly Project Reports 

Updates are presented during School Board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the District Assembly Room at 2030 Swallow Hill Road, 15220.  The updates are also listed below.  

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The first public school opened in 1635.  So much has changed since then, but the need for schools to prepare students for future success remains the same.  What has evolved is how we educate students and the space in which we do it.  

The round buildings which served as Chartiers Valley Middle and High Schools opened as a High School in 1973.  After nearly 40 years, the buildings began to experience many infrastructure issues.  In 2013, when it became apparent that the heating and cooling system, electrical systems, plumbing and roofs all needed to be replaced, the District initiated a process to determine how to improve these systems and reduce our ongoing utility and maintenance costs.  

board members on construction tour

In conjunction with architects and engineers, it was determined that the school would need significant upgrades to remain safe and operable.  Over time, after exploring all options, the District decided to pursue a complete renovation and replacement of the Secondary school buildings.  School leaders acknowledged that a project of this significance required public input and a transparent process from start to finish.   

overhead rendering of new HS/MS

Beginning in 2014, together with IKM and BLRB Architects, CVSD invited the entire Chartiers Valley community to participate in a series Community Summit for Facilities and Design Advisory Teams.  Over 70 attendees represented teachers, administrators, staff, school board members, parents, students and residents. This incredible community involvement provided insightful ideas and raised issues that needed to be addressed from the community's perspective.  

Through extensive research and profound discourse on how we understand and define what learning means in our District, we developed a plan for buildings which would best facilitate effective learning and how we instruct our students to prepare them for the future.  

Following the official groundbreaking in May of 2016, construction began on the new, state-of-the-art Middle and High Schools.  The Middle School was completed in the Spring of 2018, and the High School opened in January of 2019.  As construction continues on the main entrance and High School administration offices, CVSD looks forward to an official ribbon cutting later this year.  

exterior of the middle school building

We are very excited to provide an update on the final phase of the construction project at the high school. The finishing touches are being made on the new high school administration offices, which will be ready for us to occupy starting early next month.

Who will be moving into the new space?
-High school principals and office secretaries
-School counselors
-Attendance/Guidance secretaries
-School nurse
-School Resource Officer
-Campus safety

How does this impact High School operations?
Starting on November 6, the main entrance to the high school will move from Door 16 to the new front of the high school building (pictured above), and Door 16 will be locked throughout the course of the regular high school day.

Morning student drop-off (before 7:35 am) and afternoon pick up (after 2:34 pm) will continue to be at Door 27. Early dismissals that take place during the school day will take place in the new HS office at the front of the building.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the high school main office 412-429-2241.