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Capital Improvements

In 2019, the District successfully completed the majority of the Middle and High School reconstruction project.  The board, administration, and construction teams are proud to have completed the project within budget, which is rare with any construction project, especially one of such scope and magnitude.  

Since its inception, the longterm vision for the Middle/High School project has always been to complete all aspects of the secondary campus before moving on to other capital improvement projects. 

Several areas of the secondary campus, including the HS kitchen roof, athletic facilities, and some common spaces, were not addressed in the original scope. These areas need to be updated in order to meet accessibility, safety, and quality standards. 

For current Requests for Proposals, visit the Business & Finance page

students standing in gym lobby
poor facilities
deteriorated outsdie doors
deteriorated steps
poor facilities
fieldhuse interior
poor facilities
poor facilities

The Board and administration have developed a 5-year plan with the goal of providing quality environments for students to engage in curricular and extracurricular learning while maintaining its history of fiscal responsibility. 

Tentative Capital Improvement Schedule