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Special Education Services


Chartiers Valley School District offers an array of Special Education services and programs to students. 


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Inclusive Practices

Programs and services are provided at Chartiers Valley School District so that students who require special education can access the general education curriculum.  Inclusive practices are employed by the District.  The Individualized Education Program team determines appropriate services to access curriculum. The team is comprised of the parents, the building principal, a regular education teacher and a special education teacher.  Students may receive modification and adaptations to ensure access to the curriculum.  Students participate with their non-disabled peers as often as possible and receive a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Students who require intensive services have access to all special education programs provided by the District.


Emotional Support

In order to best access the general education curriculum,  Chartiers Valley School District offers an Emotional Support Program to assist students with behavioral, emotional, and social needs.  Students may require modifications and adaptations of the general education curriculum.  Emotional Support Services are provided based on individual student needs through the use of special education.  Emotional Support classrooms, psychological and counseling services, mental health services, behavior specialists, Student Assistance programs and the use of Quiet and Sensory rooms are some services available.  Teachers use best practices and current educational research to meet the student’s needs.  They employ strategies designed to prevent and deescalate behavior.  Students can receive full-time, supplemental or itinerant support.  Individual and group counseling is offered by school psychologists, guidance counselors, or through Chartiers Mental Health.  An Intervention/Prevention Specialist conducts group and individual counseling.


Learning Support

Chartiers Valley School District provides a Learning Support Program to serve students with disabilities whose primary identified need is academic. Supports are available for learning in math, reading, writing, and language.  Some students will receive services in the general education classroom, some in co-taught classrooms, some through flexible grouping, and some within a learning support classroom.  Students who qualify receive Individualized Education Plan assigned by a team to address academic difficulties through goals and objectives.


Life Skills Support

Life Skills Support, both academic and pre-vocational skills, are offered in the District.  Life Skills Support provides students whose social, academic, and behavioral skills are delayed, a program to develop their skills in these areas. Students participate in the general education curriculum and special education classes as agreed upon through the student’s Individualized Education  Plan Team.  The Life Skills Program provides functional. individual, and small group class instruction.  Community based experiences are offered as appropriate as students develop success.


Speech and Language Support

Chartiers Valley School District offers Speech and Language support for students with school aged speech and language impairments.  Students have the opportunity to receive individual or small group services to improve communication skills in the areas of receptive, expressive and pragmatic language, articulation, fluency and voice impairments.  Students work individually and in groups to acquire, remediate and practice speech and language skills.  Speech-Language Pathologists work closely with students’ regular and special education teachers in order to provide strategies that will allow students to communicate successfully in the classroom setting.


504 Service Agreements

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973(29 ) allows for students to receive services for physical, mental or health impairments  that substantially limit one or more life activities. Students who have a disability under Section 504 may receive services relative to accessing the curriculum. Chartiers Valley School District develops a 504 Plan to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law receives accommodations that will support academic success and provide access to the learning environment.  504 Plans are updated annually to ensure that the student is receiving the most effective accommodations.


Transition Services

Chartiers Valley School District provides activities that prepare students with disabilities to move from school to employment or higher education. Transition activities are individual and based on individual student needs and interests.  Transition activities are offered through instruction related services, community activities, the development of employment and post school living objectives and acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluations. Click for more information about our Transition Services at Chartiers Valley School District


Related Services

Transportation, developmental, corrective, and supportive services are offered to assist students with disabilities to benefit from special education services.  These services include:  speech and language, audiology, interpreting, psychological services, occupational therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation counseling.


Occupational Therapy

Chartiers Valley offers Occupational Therapy to school aged students who are evaluated and qualify for the service.  Occupational Therapy helps students develop, recover, and maintain daily work skills.  Goals are set and monitored through a student’s Individualized Education Plan.


Physical Therapy

Chartiers Valley School District provides Physical Therapy as part of a student’s related services offered as part of a student’s Individualized Education Plan.  Physical Therapy provides students with disabilities access to further education, employment, and independent living.  Students may receive services for movement and function, motor development, and participation in tasks and routines that are part of the educational program.


Hearing Services

Students may receive Hearing Support Services as deemed necessary through their Individualized Education Plans.  Students may qualify for Hearing services if they need accommodations to provide access to communication and instruction. Students may require personal and hearing technology, assistive technology, and other communication accommodations.


Vision Services

School aged children may be screened and qualify for vision services.  Students who have a visual impairment are eligible to receive some or all of the following services in their Individualized Education Plan: Instruction to develop Braille reading and writing skills, instruction on low vision devices, typing/keyboarding, adaptive devices, and orientation and mobility training.


Psychological Services

Psychological services are offered as a Related Service to students who qualify through an Individualized Education Plan.  Students may receive counseling, social work services, positive behavior interventions , and other strategies and supports as determined by the team.  These services may be offered individually or in a group.


Extended School Year

Extended School Year Services are held at Chartiers Valley schools in the summer months in order to support student learning for those who have qualified through data collection on goals for students with Individualized Education Programs.  ESY is designed to help students who regress or fail to recoup information, by adding a summer component to the learning.

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