English as a Second Language

The Chartiers Valley School District offers a K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL) instructional program for students whose dominant language is not English. 


The purpose of our ESL program is to provide students with the language skills they need to participate successfully in content area classes and in their world outside of school. 


The ESL department provides support to English language learners as they work toward understanding and adapting to a new cultural and academic setting. ESL teachers work with the English language learners, their families, and the regular content area teachers and staff to assist in the academic and cultural transition, while ensuring full access to all educational opportunities available in the district. 


ESL Faculty

  Ms. Jill Chan
  High School & Middle School




  Ms. Amanda Beckett
  Intermediate School



  Ms. Colleen Marches
  Primary School 



  Ms. Shannon McCullough
  Primary School (kindergarten) 

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