Book leads first grade class to learn about endangered species

Stuffed animals representing endangered species

After reading the book, The Penguin Problem, by Abby Klein, in which a fictional first grade classroom raises money to save an endangered species of penguin, Mrs. Venezia's first grade class decided they wanted to do something to help endangered species as well.  After visiting the World Wildlife Federation web-site and learning about symbolic adoptions of animals, Room 124 raised over $225.00 and adopted five endangered species. The students adopted a red panda, a lion cub, a great white shark, a cheetah, and an emperor penguin baby. The money did not just come from parents, either. The students did chores, gave up birthday and tooth fairy money, one student had a lemonade stand, and they also enlisted older brothers and sisters to contribute to the cause. Mrs. Venezia is incredibly proud of her caring and generous class. This was also proof to her class that no matter how young, a child can make a difference in the world.

Room 124

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