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Bus Policies

Guidelines and responsibilities for school bus riders.



School buses will load and unload only at designated loading zones. School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of all students riding their buses. Bus drivers are instructed to pick up and deliver students ONLY to their assigned school bus stops and school.


District Wide Major Offenses:

1. Damaging or stealing property

2. Hitting, roughing, kicking, spitting, or physical abuse

3. Defiance or disrespect of authority

4. Throwing objects

5. Disrespectful/abusive language or gestures

6. Continuous disruptive behavior

7. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or pornographic materials

 8. Getting off at a different bus stop or riding another bus without permission




The school bus driver has full authority and responsibility for maintaining order and discipline needed to assure the safe operation of the bus while driving on busy roads. Those riding the bus have an obligation to obey the posted rules and bus driver's orders.




1. Before boarding the bus, stand back until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door. When leaving the bus, be careful, LOOK and LISTEN, for traffic and other hazards. Enter and exit the bus without pushing or shoving.


            2.  Remain in your seat while the bus is moving. Keep head, hands, and feet (the

entire body) inside the bus. When you are assigned or pick your own seat, you are REQUIRED to sit in it. If damage is done to a seat while assigned to it, the student(s) will be responsible for payment of vandalism costs for repairs. The bus driver, school Administrator, or Director of Transportation may deem it necessary to assign seats to students.


3. Students are to keep books, body parts, back packs, etc. out of the aisles at all times. Other arrangements must be made to haul objects too large to be held on laps or placed between the students legs. Large band instruments that cannot be placed between the students legs or lap and interfere with other students space assigned to the same seat will not be allowed on the school bus.


4. Talk must be kept at a conversational level. Loud talking or shouting will distract the driver and constitute a safety hazard.


5. When it is necessary for a pupil to cross the road at a bus stop, the crossing is required to be made in FRONT of the bus after looking both ways to make sure no traffic is approaching from either direction AND after the driver has signaled that it is safe to cross.


            6. Permission to ride a different bus must be obtained in advance from the school. The student must first bring a note from home or a phone call must be made by the parent to the school. The school will issue a note which the bus driver will accept and allow the student to ride their bus. Bus drivers will not accept written or verbal confirmation from the parent and there must be space available on the bus to accommodate the request. Requests are honored in the order they are received.


7. Profane, foul, and disrespectful language or gestures are forbidden.


8. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or other illegal drugs, weapons, or pornographic material is prohibited. Gum, food, and drinks MUST remain in backpacks or lunch boxes and not eaten or taken out on the school bus. The driver may confiscate these items if they are out on the school bus! Eating food on the bus is with driver's permission only!

Stereo/CD players, skateboards, scooters, etc. are NOT allowed at school so therefore, not allowed on the school buses except when cleared through the Director of Transportation and/or the school administration.


9. Nothing is to be thrown at another person. If students open windows, they are required to close them before they get off the bus. Nothing may be thrown out of the bus windows.


10. Fighting on the bus is absolutely prohibited and all students involved may be suspended from the buses (including AM, Midday, PM, and fieldtrip buses) despite not receiving a written warning first!


Students are under the supervision of the school until they are at their own bus stop. Students are to maintain the same manner and good discipline on the school bus as they are to at the school. The school bus is considered to be an extension of the classroom. We encourage parents, if possible, to maintain order at the bus stops prior to the bus arriving there to pick up students if you hear of any problems. The bus drivers will maintain order when they come to the stop and while children are on the bus.


11. Disruptive behavior or defiance of authority is forbidden and will not be tolerated.


12. Parents are not authorized passengers and we cannot allow them on any of the school buses. The only adults that are permitted to ride the school buses are designated by the School District and transportation company as bus aides or monitors, typically on the handicapped vans. If one parent is allowed to ride, then we would be obligated to allow every other parent to ride the bus. The bus student counts are designed to transport as full a load of students to and from school as possible, leaving no room for parents.



Parents & Guardians

We'd appreciate your help, too!

Thanks so much!


1.     Helping your child to be a responsible bus student helps keep everyone safe. Help them to be on time for their bus and to take the safest route to and from the bus stop.


2.     Help them learn all the bus rules and explain the importance of following the instructions of their driver. All of our drivers are certified School Bus Drivers. The safety of your child is their first and foremost responsibility. This requires their attention to be on the road at all times. Disruption by students distracts the drivers from this responsibility. Drivers are there to deliver your children safely to and from school. This is why all the rules must be followed.


3.    Please remember that there are always two sides to every story. If problems arise, as parents and the transportation provider, we need to be understanding and listen to both sides. Typically students will receive a verbal warning, a seating assignment change may take place, a written warning, call to parents, and then suspension from bus riding privileges. (This means AM, Midday, & PM buses and also any fieldtrips that occur during the school year).

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